Lead Generation Software

Integrate our lead generation software, and turn every visitor to your website into a warm lead.

Only 2% of visitors to your website will contact you directly. Now, with our lead generation software, you can contact them. Our lead generation software collects the business information of every visitor to your website, in real time. You’ll receive an email notification with a warm lead every time a potential customer visits your website. Use this contact information to get them on the phone, and close the sale.

lead-generationOur system allows you to track and monitor a visitor’s behavior as the navigate your website. Armed with accurate contact information, your salesforce can use this powerful information to intuitively sell them on your products and services. Never again will a bounce from your website prove unfruitful. At the very least you have a warm lead to follow up on.

If you need qualified leads, this software can deliver. Our clients are having success with our lead generation software and solutions, and you can too. Contact us to discuss integrating this powerful lead generation software into your website and marketing mix.

How Does the Lead Generation Software Work?

Our lead generation software is easy to integrate. With a single line of javascript added to your web pages, you’ll begin harnessing real time data, accessed within a web-based user interface. Login to your account to manage notification settings, review data, and easily assign leads to your salesforce.

What Data Does Your Lead Generation Software Provide?

The lead generation software collects the IP address of each visitor to your website, and cross-references the IP address against publicly available databases that house information related to the internet services. The software scraps all available data, and presents it in well-organized format within the application’s web-based user interface. The application will also collect data related to how a visitor found your website, what keywords referred them, and what pages they visited once arriving.

Data provided by our software includes:

  • Business Name
  • Business Phone
  • Business Address
  • Website Address
  • Industry SIC Code
  • Referral Source
  • Pages visited

Is This Software Legal?

Our lead generation software is pulling publicly available data, and is compliant with the Data Protection Act. The software does not use cookies. All of the methods used to collect and deliver user data are 100% legal.

How Do I Get Started?

Search Link has helped many of active clients leverage one of the most effective lead generation tools available on the market today. Contact us directly for a free trial.