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The coding of a page within a website tells the search engines what the page is about. A properly coded page will clearly tell the search engines what the page should rank for. Our seo coding program includes keyword research to identify top phrases to target. Once the top phrases are identified and confirmed with the client, all seo coding is completed with the keyword phrases targeted along with location. The coding process allows the page to be properly indexed by major search engines, such as Google. This process needs to be done once correctly and does not need to be continuously updated unless the content topics of the page change.

Search Link’s seo coding is a one-time cost per page and is determined by how many pages need to be coded. Completion of work takes approximately 30 days from start to finish – with the website rankings improving within 7-14 days after the completion of work. All main pages of a website should be properly coded to ensure the website is indexed correctly by the search engines. Email or give us a call today to see if your website is properly coded.