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Lincolnwood Local Search Engine Optimization

Are You Looking for a Local SEO Company in Lincolnwood, IL?

SEO landing pages are used to optimize your business by expanding on the keywords targeted through the search engines. They are the pages that appear when people click your website on Google, Bing, or other popular engines. Their purpose is to inspire people to take a desired action. Often, well-designed landing pages avoid distractions and keep visitors actively engaged. The longer someone stays on the page, the better.

There are several benefits to SEO Landing Pages, some of which include:

  • Being found online for different products
  • Expanding your local target market
  • Being found in new areas
  • Relating to potential customers in a unique way

When working with Search Link, we test the health of your SEO landing pages through A/B split testing. We generate different versions of your landing page and choose the optimized version based on which one your audiences respond most with. We do our best to think like a customer and firmly believe that SEO landing pages should be tweaked and measured on a consistent basis.

Local SEO is Good for Business

For service businesses, brick-and-mortar retailers, and anyone with a physical location in Lincolnwood, IL, local search engine optimization is an essential component of your marketing success. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo all deliver local results for the majority of searches made by users.

Our services include the setup and optimization of your Google My Business, Google+ Local, Bing Places, and Yahoo Local listings. These are the listings that appear in local search results. We also offer Google Maps Listing Optimization to further promote your business listings on searches conducted within the Google search platform on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

After optimizing your company’s local search presence, we continue to create and enhance listings across the internet. This ensures that your company’s NAP is set consistently across each directory and citation found online.

Choose Search Link for Local SEO in Lincolnwood, IL

Businesses in Lincolnwood, IL whom are successful with local search engine optimization are driving targeted web traffic and ultimately gaining market share. This allows consumers to easily find business listings and local search results for the products and services offered in their marketplace.

Search Link has developed a core competency in local SEO, which means that it is our main service. Our program is designed with the goal of building the most effective local SEO services available and our clients have seen the results. If you lack a strong position in local search results, Search Link can help.

For more information about our services, and to learn more about how we can help your local business thrive, call us today to learn more!