Optimized Local Landing Pages

Rank Organically In Local Search Results


Many businesses aim to reach customers outside of their physical business location. Without a physical office or retail location, your business may have difficulty ranking in map driven local search results. This is due to Google’s proximity-based local search results algorithms. A great option to reach customers in these local markets is to rank landing pages organically for the geographic keyword phrases that represent your products and services. Our optimized local landing pages can help you do just that.

Landing pages are additional pages to your website that target a specific geographic town or area – along with a specific area of your business. To optimize local landing pages, we use a combination of unique copywriting, keywords, phrases, and on-page SEO best practices. We use traditional SEO services and apply them to specific, geographically focused keywords and keyword phrases to get you results.

How We Optimize Local Landing Pages

Optimized local landing pages are made for search engines and are very customized in design. At Search Link, we develop a unique web page for keywords and keyword phrases in order to represent the local market your business reaches. Each landing page we develop targets these phrases by combining a specific geographic area with a singular product or service. The goal is to rank each local landing page organically for the specific keyword it is representing.

Do Local Landing Pages Work?

Optimized local landing pages are an effective way to reach local consumers since organic rankings receive the vast majority of attention from searches. Ranking organically on the first page of Google is one of the very best ways to drive high-quality, targeted traffic to your website. At Search Link, most of our client’s local SEO landing pages rank on the first page of Google within 30 days of when the pages are added to their website.